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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 15, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> warrior fans are celebrating big time tonight as the team moves on. next stop, the western conference finals. >> the other way, and he's got it. what a turn around. terry the three. okay can you believe that? an incredible shot there but steph curry from beyond the court. good evening i'm frank
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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the last time the team made it to the finals it was 1973 and none of the players on the team had even before born yet. >> reporter: elvis was still makes music in memphis. tonight it was about steph curry. and it was all about the players and the fans who are no longer just okay with making it to the finals. and a few days off before taking on either the rockets or the clippers, as the warriors just come out smoking like memphis bar-be-que from the get go. look at the ball movement. there's steph the mvp, 22-17 lead after one. they can do it single handedly as well. clay thompson pillar to post. this time he just decides i will take that thing to the
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bucket. puts it down, draws the foul. at one point they were within one point. grizzly shot drawn, alertly steph from 62 feet away perfection. you see the reaction the memphis fans and you see you want to see it again. clearly beating the buzzer to end the third quarter and from there the warriors ignite themselves on a 14-4 run. curry hotter than a carl's jr. commercial hit eight threes, 32 points total. he had 10 assists there's his mom on the right. his wife on the left. they're loving it afterward steph gets a nice hug from vince carter who actually played with steph's dad dell in the early days and you know what the coach kerr wanted to talk about after the game. the shot. >> steph doesn't care. he shoots them all the time. and he's always close because of his incredible hand eye.
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when he let it go. it's in midair i said i think this is going to go in. i just felt it was going to go in and it did somehow. >> reporter: the extra bonus for the warriors, they get a few days rest. they don't know yet who they're going to play either the clippers or the houston rockets but they do know it'll be tuesday. it'll be in oakland and man, what a night for them. it's just thrilling to see. you keep wondering what can they do to top that. steph curry. >> then they get that shot. >> i think that should have been worth six points. >> they have to do something if you hit it from past half court. you do get six points right. >> and they need -- they get to rest now. >> and the rockets and clippers are going to be good. >> i want to see the clippers. >> we'll have the rest of it for you. our coverage of the nba play offs continues from livermore now. where debora villalon watched the game with some super
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excited fans. >> jubilation at the buzzer. finishing in six the series no one wanted to see go to seven. while the city and east bay argue over warriors love, this is tri valley's dub nation. lined up at sauce a downtown livermore restaurant and posing for pictures with warrior's dancers. everybody looking for the three. >> what number is curry? >> three. >> what number is thompson? >> 11. >> reporter: strength in numbers indeed. >> barnes? >> 40. >> azile. >> 31. >> every morning that's all he wants to watch is highlights. >> reporter: as an official warrior's watch party this party got free t-shirts, size extra large, same as the swagger. >> i just love the warriors, they're my favorite team. >> reporter: the fans the same size. >> and i think they can win.
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>> we're praying for tonight. >> reporter: out of the hat as the grizzlies came close to tieing it up at times some stress. hard to keep calm and curry on. then came his huge 70-foot splash and from then on the team and the crowd never looked back. memphis may have been serving it longer but the bar-be-que here in livermore tasted great tonight. who do fans want next? the rockets or clippers? >> doesn't matter. bring on anybody. it doesn't matter. we'll take it all, it's no problem. >> no doubt at all. they're going to take the championship this year. go warriors, we love you warriors. >> warrior fans in livermore pumped, warrior fans everywhere pumped. game one set for next tuesday. game two will be played next thursday. the starting time for both games is 6:00 and again they're either going to play the l.a.
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clippers or the houston rockets. tickets go on sale tomorrow. now to the penalty phase of the boston marathon bombing case. the federal court jury returned its court today. a unanimous decision that dzhokhar tsarnaev be put to death. ken pritchett spoke to the family of an east bay boy injured in that attack and is here with the latest, ken. >> reporter: there is a range of thoughts on this verdict of death, there was satisfaction, ambivalence, some say they can now move on others including the hern family from martinez say there are still more tragic chapters from this story. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev showed no emotional when he learned he would die for the boston marathon bombing that killed four people. >> the defendant was an adult who came in an ideology of hate. and he expressed those beliefs by killing, maiming and mutilating innocent americans on patriot's day. >> reporter: the jury rejected
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defense claims dzhokhar tsarnaev was under the influence of his older brother, killed as the two fled from justice. outside the courthouse this afternoon, victim's families shared feels on the verdict. >> he wanted to go to hell and he's going to get there early. >> i have to watch my two sons put on a leg on every day, i don't know about closure. but there's a sense, a feeling. >> reporter: the verdict brought the attack fresh to mind. >> trying to process and really think, what is the right thing? what is justice? what is what people expect. it's hard, i don't know. >> i hate to say but i guess my first reaction was.
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kind of, good, i'm glad. >> reporter: katherine was running in the marathon. allen and their children were waiting at the finish line. their son aaron suffered a severe leg injury in the blast. >> he's doing really well. he's growing, i think the doctors had mentioned it would take just about this amount of time about two years for him to get back to about 95%. and that's about, that's about what we're seeing. >> reporter: the hern family says the boston bombing is not something they think about day- to-day, today was an exception. and they know this verdict does not mean the end. >> it took four years for timothy mcvay to be executed in the same kind of circumstance. that was seen as quick. >> reporter: there hasn't been a federal execution in 12 years and only three since 2001. including oklahoma city bomber timothy mcvay. >> appeals are probably already coming in this case. >> reporter: it's a federal
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case so it's almost a certain. and those appeals could have taken years. and people argue that this trial should not have taken place in boston in the first place. the jury's decision in boston comes as san francisco prepares for its biggest foot race of the year. we're talking of course about the beta breakers and security is a priority. >> if you see anything out of the ordinary, if you see anything suspicious call 911 or notify a police officer. >> reporter: backpacks are banned from the course. 50, 50,000 registered runners are expected for the beta breakers. we spoke to some today that were picking up their packets. >> security is tighter but it's
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just a great race. a great time. >> and what it's known for is all those people who come out and get dressed in those wacky costumes. people who plan on attending are advised to take public transit. b.a.r.t. service will start early on sunday at 6:00 a.m. and has a lot more details about sunday's race. look for the entertainment button and click bay area weekend watch. after a three hour search, san jose police arrested a man wanted in connection with a gang investigation. there was a heavy police presence late this afternoon in the area near vine and graham streets. police say the suspect was hold up in an apartment but ran as officers were about to enter around 3:00 this afternoon. students at a near by school sheltered in place as a precaution. just after 6:00, police announced they had arrested a man a short distance away from the apartment. he's expected to end up in the county jail. a grass fire could be seen
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and heard chewing through dry brush behind homes in hercules. you can see the flames made it to the back fence of one property. the home sustained some damage but was saved in part by a good samaritan who grabbed a garden house and started dousing the flames. firefighters arrived and put out the fire. no one was seriously hurt. travelers likely weren't prepared for the winter weather they saw on the high sierra today. a winter weather advisory was in effect above 6,500 feet. during the winter, skiers were begging for snow. now long after most ski resorts closed, there's 6-inches to a foot of new snow. this is donner summit. folks stopped here and said they expected to be able to wear shorts and t-shirts this past weekend but instead they were freezing. the bay area weekend is upon us, i got the forecast, which day will be warmer? saturday or sunday? we'll see you back here with
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the details. the stanford band accused of hazing and harassing. how the band is being punished. >> how the school district plans to honor three teenagers that were killed just one month before their graduation. crystal geyser alpine spring water. bottled at the mountain source. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight. because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. save up to $300 on the cooling comfort of tempur-breeze. plus, get up to 36 months interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's
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100-day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery! are you next? announcer: make sleep train your ticket to tempur-pedic. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. four people had to be rescued after their mini van went down an enbankment.
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it happened on glen oaks way. a 74-year-old driver was briefly distracted by his phone and drove the mini van right off the narrow twisting road. it then crashed through the rail of a near by driveway and came to rest on it side. the driver and three other people inside the mini van were injured. three have critical injuries. the other two suffered minor injuries. now to the south bay where hundreds of people gathered tonight and lit candles all in honor of three teenagers. jana katsuyama is live where those three young people were remembered tonight just a month before they were set to graduate. >> reporter: that's right, so sad. these three women were 18 years old, childhood friends. and people came together to
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remember them. from their hearts and heart ache. people sang in memory of the three students. >> now that she's gone, she took a part of everybody's heart that knew her. >> reporter: people lit candles tonight for the three high school seniors. >> i love sarah more than just a friend. she's like a sister to me. >> her laugh was the sweetest laugh ever. >> reporter: the teens were killed in a car crash about 10:30 tuesday night. the driver 23-year-old anthony elbrenon crashedded. the teenagers and joseph vasquez were killed. they found alcohol, drugs and drug marijuana near the vehicle. the suspect survived.
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>> it's a big impact to have these many students die all at the same time. >> it's such a tragic situation. >> reporter: may flowers that usually come with high school prom and graduation brought memories about what these young women wanted. >> what i remember about yesenia is her big smile. her laughing a lot. >> she was a good daughter, a good cousin, a good friend. she was just the best. >> reporter: another vigil is being planned for sunday at gilroy's christopher high school and the district says they want to present honorary degrees to the families of the three students during the
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graduation ceremonies in june. >> jana were the families, were the parents of the three victims there tonight? >> frank i talked to some of the cousins who said that the mother of one of them was going to try to make it but they're also making funeral arrangements for these young women. it was very difficult for the parents and immediate families to get away and come here tonight. i think the sentiment here was passed on to them. a whole community that's really behind them tonight. >> jana katsuyama in gilroy tonight, thank you. more than 100 african american students packed the linked in office to find out how to network. the group my brothers and sister's keeper offered this event as a way for students to learn or to work on their professional online presence and practice their elevator pitches. tonight was about supporting african american students and encouraging them to live and work in the city. >> we want them to know that they have friends all the way to the mayor, to the chamber,
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to nonprofit. the people that work in our school districts. to help them succeed. >> san francisco's african american population has dropped by 12,000 people since 2010 and is currently less than 6% of the total population. >> a big step today for giant's fan bryan stow in his road to recovery four years after being beaten and almost killed at the giant's game. he's using what happened to him as a message about bullying. >> reporter: to the song eye of the tiger, you can say bryan stow's life has come full circle. four years ago many people didn't think he would be doing this. >> i'm bryan stow and i have a story of survival. these men were adult bullies. i suffered severe brain damage as you can see from the scar in
10:19 pm
my head. >> reporter: speaking about his 2011 attack when two dodger's fans beat him into a coma outside dodger stadium. >> if you need to stand up to bullying, speak to an adult. lead to example with your own words. >> reporter: bryan stow's words it didn't have to be this way. so he's trying to prevent what happened to him to somebody else. >> his story really inspired me. like bryan if somebody would have stood up to those bullies when they were younger it could have changed his entire life. >> reporter: last week one of bryan's attackers luis sanchez asked a judge for mercy. apologizing for the first time calling the beating an accident. >> it was, a crock. it sounded like he was grasping at straws trying to stay out of
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prison. which is foolish to me. >> reporter: so as those two men sit in prison, these students are learning -- >> i will treat others with respect and kindness. >> i will treat others with respect and kindness. >> reporter: as bryan's focus now is turning his wounds into wisdom. >> i survived for a reason. i am finding my purpose again. >> in scott's valley, azenith smith. ktvu news. and your weekend is here. there's no fog at the coast right now. we will see some patchy fog reforming late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we have low cloud out there right now. the fog will start to fill in tonight. you wake up tomorrow morning with plenty of fog. there's still showers up in the mountains. snow flurries as well but that's all winding down. you see the shower activity up in colusa. you see low clouds moving off the coast and fog forming right along the beach. that fog will be in most area
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communities tomorrow or low clouds if you will. tomorrow is a cool day. the winds are ushering cool moist air. 60-mile an hour winds at oakland. i point to the winds because this gives you a look at what's going on. all that moist cool air ushering the fog and low clouds to our coastline and into the bay's inland valleys tomorrow. that will lingering a little bit and makes it a little bit cooler. santa rosa 46, 47 in napa. your daytime highs tomorrow start off with the clouds. the low clouds have a lot of it tomorrow morning. 7:00a.m. watch where the yellows are the 70s they're way inland. you're going to see lots of 60s tomorrow. lots of 60s and low 70s. along the coast lots of 70s. the cool unsettled pattern is going to stay with us not just through the weekend but through
10:22 pm
the week as well. when we come back we will look at sunday as well. new questions on the amtrak train crash investigation. >> and coming up, why the uc band is being punished and why some members say it is not fair. >> and more information on a 17- year-old shot and killed outside his high school. >> he didn't feel safe there, and he told me that several times. female announcer: the mattress price wars are on at sleep train!
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the ntsb announced it is looking into the possibility that an object struck that amtrak train that derailed in philadelphia. investigators say an assistant conductor told them she thought she heard engineer say the train had been struck by something. they've asked the fbi to examine damage to the lower portion of the train's
10:25 pm
windshield. the ntsb interviewed the engineer and they say he was fully cooperative but could not remember much of the accident. investigators say there is evidence that the train sped up instead of slowing down as it approached the bend on the tracks. a 19-year-old is under arrest accused of killing a high school student in vallejo. he was arrested during a traffic stop just after midnight. the deadly shooting happened yesterday outside of bethel high. and his parents said he told them several times he didn't want to go to that school because he didn't feel safe. zachary crow is in jail arrested early this morning. he's accused of killing vask rusk right outside his high
10:26 pm
school thursday afternoon. crow's family says they don't know who rusk is or why he wanted to kill his son. >> it's in god's hands. >> i'm glad they got him so he can't hurt anybody else. >> the victim and suspect were known to each other. >> reporter: still no word of a motive. the search for witnesses continues while a memorial keeps growing outside the high school where husk was shot. >> i wanted my son out of that school and i wanted to home schooling and they wouldn't let me do it. he told me he didn't feel safe there. >> we see it as a very safe campus. >> are there security guards there? >> there are about nine. >> i know we were young but we were planning our future
10:27 pm
already. it's just sad. >> reporter: the family is thanking the family for the outpouring of support saying they find comfort in knowing rusk was loved. >> i know life goes on. he doesn't want me to cry but it's kind of hard when you miss something like that. it was such a privilege to be his father. >> reporter: a vigil was held outside the school where rusk was shot and killed. and the family says they are going to have rallies for the next week not just to honor their son but to call for an end to gun violence. cristina rendon, ktvu news. we're in the fourth year of a drought but imagine a drought that lasts a decade. steve paulson with the evidence that california has endured mega droughts in the past. >> and a band known for its reverence is now being punished by the school. the problem is spaces and why.
10:28 pm
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the stanford band is being disciplined after an investigation the university and it's title nine office found that the band had violated rules. >> reporter: stanford band is known for its long history of antics but the school now says it has crossed the line. this evening the sound of music came from the school's mariachi band. >> we all really do love this music and we really pass it along. >> reporter: but stanford's official says its popular marching band that performs at major games has not been presenting itself well. the band violated university policies on alcohol, drugs,
10:31 pm
hazing and sexual harassment. >> the law applies first. if they're on the right side of the law, they're kind of pushing the envelope then they need to be given a second warning. >> reporter: today the school announced they're banning the band from traveling to any away games. some students say the punishment is too hard. that the band's passion for performing should be allowed. >> i think there should be other consequences and it really shouldn't be that they should take the entire band away. >> reporter: the school says violations included the use of illegal substance in a statement stanford said quote the university's objective is to ensure a safe and harassment free environment while honoring the band's tradition and its unique identity. tonight the band sent me a response which said in part.
10:32 pm
in of the punitive measurements are a result of allegations rooted in the 2011-2012 school year a time when most current band members were still in high school. >> i think a lot reform could be good. but too much would also be bad. mostly because our school district has a lot of pride in our band. it's wild and free spirit. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for stanford says the band is next scheduled to perform at the commencement ceremony on june 10. >> amber lee on the stanford campus tonight, thank you. students in san francisco have created a special farewell for a class mate who was killed this week. they left messages and signed cards for andrew wu. andrew's school held a moment of silence. andrew died tuesday when he was on his way to school and he
10:33 pm
ran into traffic and was hit. transit officials are looking at ways to help ease the morning commute into san francisco and one idea is allowing buses to travel the wrong way on the bay bridge. ktvu's rob roth now with how it would work and what commuters think about the idea. >> reporter: passengers can sum up their morning commute on the bay bridge in just three words. >> it's pretty awful. >> reporter: but officials are studying an idea they believe will change that. their plan is to make a westbound lane. nobody seems most excited about the idea than this transit driver who crosses every day. >> we don't have to worry about motorcyclists or anything
10:34 pm
because it's ours and ours alone. >> reporter: such a concept would require a transit leading to the terminal. and the bus lane would need a barrier. >> the bus is already full. numi is already full. we want to meet the system of infrastructure that would work. >> reporter: the plan is not good for those who head out on the train. >> i think it's a greated idea. i think it would improve traffic a lot. i think it would be good to have more room on the bridge. >> reporter: this is not something that would happen any time soon if it happens at all. just studying the plan would take about a year and a half. on treasure island, rob roth.
10:35 pm
now to wall street where stocks ended the week mixeded. the dow closed up 20 points the nasdaq lost two. the s & p500 gained one. enough for a new record high. the markets traded flat for most of the day. and in new york city the legendary store schwartz is closing. schwartz has been in different locations for 145 years. it's familiar to many for the tom hanks film where he danced on the giant keyboard you see here. the schwartz store in san francisco closed about 12 years ago. bb king's doctor and the coroner in las vegas says king died of a series of long strokes due to his long battle with type two diabetes.
10:36 pm
king's long career began in 1948 when he became a d.j. at a memphis blue's station. he was nicknamed the blues boy which was later shortened to b. b. just last year king had to cancel his tour because of declining health. ahead tonight, controversy at the candle stick park demolition. amongst this drought, drinking water is being used to keep down the dust. why officials say it's required by law. >> and we'll talk about saturday, we'll talk about sunday with specific temperatures and we'll look for showers into next week. >> i look over and i see this guy with a pen trying to stab the bus driver. >> a violent attack on board a vta bus. how good samaritans intervene.
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a vta bus driver had quite a scare which week when a passenger tried to attack him. but some bystander came to the rescue. reason brandon was driving the bus through morgan hill yesterday evening when one of his passengers apparently lost it. the passenger apparently
10:40 pm
stopped him and was trying to stab him with a pen. >> i started yelling at him, get off the bus. get off the bus. leave the bus driver alone. >> they were heros. i'm glad they were there. >> reporter: the attacker has been identified now as 34-year- old daniel pacheco of gilroy. police say he is in a mental health facility and may avoid criminal charges because of his mental health problems. it's a controversy at candle stick. construction crews are spraying drinking water to keep the dust down as they try to demolish the old stadium. the contractor says that's required in the contract to keep dust from spreading to near by homes. but there's an unlimited and free supply of recycled water at a sewage treatment plant near by. however the city says they can't use that water. >> you can't spray water and have the water be airborne.
10:41 pm
that's unpermissible use of that water. >> and one homeowner is not buying that excuse. they say that water can be filtered on-site and that the dust is making it to their homes any way. mark ibanez is live with more on the warriors big win. we will hear from steph curry after the game. ♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the
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closed captioning brought to you by chevy. find new roads at your northern california chevy dealer. california is now in its fourth year of drought but tonight evidence that past droughts, long ago, in some
10:44 pm
cases lasted for decades. they're called mega droughts and scientists say they actually helped shame california. >> as steve paulson shows us, one clue lies in its trees. this year san francisco experienced their first january since records began in 1849 when no rain fell at all. this was followed by the warmest february on record. the average temperature was nearly 4 degrees below the norm. san francisco has seen 14 straight months of normal to below normal temperatures. we're staring at another year of no rainfall or snow. >> it's already the fourth year of a drought and we don't know when it's going to end. we know there's past history of very long periods of dry records. low precipitation. i don't know if the drought is going to end next year. i think we need to plan for it continuing. >> most droughts last a few
10:45 pm
years but nature shows us that mega droughts lasting 15 to 20 years have hit california before. how do we know? one clue is found in tree rings. >> wetter, warmer conditions. so during a dry year you're going to have a thin ring and sometimes if it's really dry there's no ring at all. there's no growth at all. >> reporter: these pines that grow from seattle to utah captured the ring. california hasn't been this dry in nearly 500 years. >> we saw there were several hundred years the bay was actually saltier for several hundred years. and the surrounding marshes
10:46 pm
turned into the vegetation became more salt adaptive. >> we want more rain but one phás be careful what you wish for. one thing that would end a mega drought, it would be a super storm. the last one was way back in 1882. we're long overdue for a super storm to drench us again. but until that time we're in for a long dry wait. >> we're inside the reservoir. there's nothing left there other than a trickle from the creek. you look at this reservoir and think, that's not that big. but it's a microcosm of what's happening out. most of the snow melt is already gone.
10:47 pm
the lowest was at its late march level in 1950, which began at six%. the rings show us that our state has been in a drought for much longer. and. >> i'm optimistic that we can solve our water problems. i'm not as optimistic that we will. we fight over water, we always have. and we're going to take a look at temperatures from today. it was mild. we had clouds out there. those are the numbers from today. highs tomorrow about the same maybe a little cooler. we're going to have a little bit of an enshore flow. you can't see the clouds
10:48 pm
because it's higher clouds. more clouds in the bay area tomorrow morning. you can see some showers still lingering in in the mown tapes. as i talked about earlier, we're going to see how long the storms will come out 89 you see this row as that goes off into the planes and it is now it's going to create severe severe weather. tornadoes certainly possible. each time we stay in this pattern which we are next week they will continue to see severe weather. you think you've seen a few tornadoes, you're going to see more. the pattern of cool time highs is going to persist. it's not going to be cold just not 75, 85 degrees. it's going to be temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. tomorrow you go 67 degrees for
10:49 pm
your daytime high. sundays numbers pretty much the same deal. upper 60s low 70s. they can it just hovering there because that low pressure system kind of wants to stay off there. i told you guys i was going to bring you stuff. >> i thought you forgot about us. >> frank i brought you this. this is sweet. >> that patch. >> you put it on and it has caffeine and vitamins when you slap it on. i have three of them today. >> i really want to try it. >> looks like a big lipstick too. it's a roller thing, massager. you take it with them. that's the same thing the patch. >> thank you, cool stuff. >> and that's got caffeine but that's the rage. >> i have to try that.
10:50 pm
cool. >> and people take it when they run. >> thanks. very cool. always thinking of us still. >> thank you bill. we want to go to you to find out more about bill. >> i don't need any caffeine after wal-mart. dwight clark has made his catch, dwight curry. the incredible with inár impeck possible timing. the warriors are moving on. they get off fast. you have to caulk down the fast aeb they do -- you have to calm down fast. down the lane he will draw a foul. get it to go plus the foul and
10:51 pm
20 points for clay tonight. memphis made their move at the third. at the end of the third from 62 feet, you can see the reaction from the stadium. clearly beating the average to end the third. the it eyes the warriors on a 14-foot run that puts the fail away. huh i can continues to speak -- curry played at the same time in the nba at the beagaining of his career with deal, steph's dad. steph talks about the court shot. >> every day and that's not a
10:52 pm
lot. we it's kind of funny when you're warming up you see balls all over the run. >> timing of it. >> get a steal, knock it down. go of eight. in a cross out game like that that's a big turning point and the moment is magnified though. we had the not quite busker beater. when was the last time you sad san entire. >> wall in with two. he did it. paul pierce wins it. >> not quite to everyone in california thought and it wiz
10:53 pm
husband dog that couldn't believe it will. heartbreak for washington. it was supposed to be a bounce back day for the a's. the giants did any way. they've had trouble scoring runs. not this evening. san francisco gets good news about hunter pence. there goes double kpaeugs sports part ii next.
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
there goes double digits in sports part ii. wow things are getting dicey for the oakland a's. a pretty good start. they led it 6-2. chicago big 7th inning. it's garcia. suddenly the white sox lead it 7-6 as the bullpen again for the a's. two out, cocoa crisp with a shot to the gap off the wall. even boat running third. mike gallegos wasn't sure whether to wave him or not. look at how the game read. 7-0 the final. and they got to play in baseball and that was just fine for brandon belt. he hits a 3-run shot. he's been ice cold since his
10:57 pm
first of the year. hunter pence is coming back tomorrow off the d. l. that's the sporting life. >> mark, thank you.
10:58 pm
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't it? it's a shame you have to work, huh? [ laughing ] yeah. anyway, i'd like a large sausage and pepperoni -- it's my stuff, okay? just keep your hands off my stuff! phil: hey! i didn't put my hands on your stuff! hey! just a second, derek. what is the problem? alex read my journal. i did not! why would i even want to read your stupid journal? because it contains the details of a life, and you don't have one! ohh! alex, don't read haley's journal. uhh! sorry. my daughters. you got kids? oh. what grade are you in? claire: phil! oh, that's my wife, claire. luke was using my computer. for this. i'm gonna have to, uh, call you back. he told me he needed it to do homework and then i find this --


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